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Philbrook & Associates began as a home-based business in 1992, and under the direction of principal Renee Philbrook, has since grown into a thriving and successful enterprise. In 2006, Philbrook & Associates opened its first office in Rockland with two new employees. Today, our team is 22 employees strong and the business is still growing. At Philbrook & Associates, we offer customers knowledge and experience with all things business, and we have developed a business network that gives us the ability to answer and deal with all business needs, from bookkeeping to working with your bank, lawyers, investment groups, and more. Philbrook & Associates can become your virtual “board of directors” with the ability to handle all things financial.

Our clients are comprised of individuals, non-profits, and businesses of all sizes. With up-to-date technology that allows for long distance bookkeeping, we have clients from all over the United States. We have developed processes and procedures that allow us to work with companies of any size, from distances far or near. We have a strong, nationwide business network of lawyers, accountants, banks, loan officers, investment groups, realtors, grant writers, and state organizations. Many of our staff are notaries.

Participation in local community events has always been a theorem of Philbrook & Associates. We believe it provides us with an opportunity to give back, and to help encourage area growth.

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